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Date: 02/26/23 18:19
Computer not reading my SD card
Author: srman

I have Windows 10 (I think) and adobe photoshop. For years now if I've gone out during the day shoot a few trains and come home insert the SD card into my computer and bingo they would start loading. From there I'd go to work and start processing the ones I want. Did that today. Probably shot a little over a hundred images today. Same ritual and started loading then stopped after about thirty images. Tried three or four times and same thing. Images are all there when I view them thru the camera. I've shut the computer down and rebooted with same results. I'm not the most computer savvy so is there something that I'm overlooking in not doing. Thank you for any advice. 

Date: 02/26/23 18:47
Re: Computer not reading my SD card
Author: TCnR

Yep, one of the recent downloads changed a bunch of settings...again

Open that file folder that is titled 'This PC', mine is in the Tool bar at the bottom
Select the 'File' Tab
a smaller pop up has the selection 'Change Folder and Search Options'
a Folder Options pop up with 'View' as the center tab, select View
in the 'Files and Folders' catagory select the circle 'Show hidden files, folders and drives' and select 'Apply'

put the SD card in and it should appear in the directories as before.
It reads more complicated than it is but there's so many goofy pop ups. There may be a better way.

Hope that helps

Date: 02/26/23 20:00
Re: Computer not reading my SD card
Author: srman

Well that didn't work. Followed every step and still stops at the same point as before. 

Date: 02/26/23 20:39
Re: Computer not reading my SD card
Author: TCnR

So the idea is that the display of the drive is not enabled. The hardware is still working, just not being displayed. There should be a way to find that in the selections.

I had to punch around a few times to get it work, so I may well have missed something or said it inaccurately. Two versions of Windoze both led to that older style Properties Tab display. MicroSoft likes to make a mess of things to get people to buy new hardware with new software, W11 is coming so more issues will be popping up.

Date: 03/03/23 00:53
Re: Computer not reading my SD card
Author: E25

Some or all of your issue(s) may be related to the fact that Internet Explorer was disabled via a Microsoft Edge update on February 14th.  I had multiple issues pop up on my PC the day of the removal.  Some of the tech guys were speculating that Win 10 had relied in certain respects upon former IE code which suddenly disappeared in the guillotine removal of IE, thus prompting a lot of unplanned-for weird issues.

I had to do quite a bit of re-configuring in Windows 10 and in Firefox to get back some of my settings and functions.  Microsoft seems to have performed some additional tweaking after the 14th that, at least for me, seems to have resolved most of the issues that I was having.


Greg Stadter
Phoenix, AZ

Date: 03/03/23 07:42
Re: Computer not reading my SD card
Author: srman

Well I got the problem resolved. Sort of strange on how it was resolved though. When it was loading it would just just stop on a particular image. I deleted from my camera two or three images prior to where it would stop. Put the card back into the computer and it sailed right on throught to the end. A corrupt image? Anyway I'm back in business. 

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