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Date: 09/02/23 21:58
Mirrorless vs DSLR?
Author: mojaveflyer

Has anyone else made the transition from a DSLR to a mirrorless camera body? I retired the two DSLRs I shot with for years (Canon 5D MkII and a T6s) for two mirrorless bodies, a Canon R and a crop sensor R7. I've been delighted with the improvement since the migration. One thing is that I was impressed with the mirrorless bodies have a 50% larger sensor than my retired DSLRs. One problem I did discover was that Photoshop Elements 2022 didn't like the updated Canon "CR3" images. I finally had to contact Adobe and he helped me download a plug in to deal with the Canon CR3 format images.

I did note the mirrorless bodies are more sensitive in low light situations.

Photo #1- The recent Super 'blue moon' from last Wednesday. This was shot with my R7 body using a Sigma 150 - 600 mm Sport lens on a tripod.

Photo #2- This was Friday night after the super moon. I shot this with the R7 body, with a Canon 100 - 400 mm "L" lens handheld. I'm very impressed with the low light ability. Not a cheap transition but I've been very impressed with the ability  of these new cameras!

James Nelson
Thornton, CO

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Date: 09/11/23 14:51
Re: Mirrorless vs DSLR?
Author: NormSchultze

I've sold off all of my DSLR stuff and moved to mirrorless. Much smaller and lighter. And has plenty of power. Too bad Canon killed the M6II which was a fine lite rangefinder style camera.  The 32mm was easily "L" class glass.  I find that the R8 has superior tracking ability, and the light weight RF glass to be very good at "f8 and be there."   It matters when traveling by air.

Date: 09/12/23 04:05
Re: Mirrorless vs DSLR?
Author: bobwilcox

I still have my DSLR but my iPhone 14 Pro does a fine job.

Bob Wilcox
Charlottesville, VA
My Flickr Shots

Date: 09/17/23 09:27
Re: Mirrorless vs DSLR?
Author: skyview

I tested the Nikon z6ii to see if Id like mirrorless, and to say I did is understatement.  I have switched completely to mirrorless (though I guess 1 dslr is in the closet), and along with new glass.  The glass is the big difference, far superior to what I had been using.   Of course, I give ALL of that up the moment I post anywhere on the web :( oh well.... once you post no real difference.

Date: 09/18/23 15:18
Re: Mirrorless vs DSLR?
Author: Rivannaco

I’ve remained loyal to both formats with a D850 and Z7II. The D remains my primary, as I’m just used to the “heft” of a larger Nikon going back to my F4s. The Z, however, has become an ideal travel camera, and will agree the Z glass is great. Have been considering adding a Z8 to the herd, given its tracking abilities for trains and planes - which I see from your Flicker site is a common target. And as Bob W. mentions, my iPhone has not failed me when needing a grab shot and not having anything else in hand. Case in point: attached is one from my iPhone 15 of a Falcon second stage “Jellyfish” I took last May at 5:30 am.
Your first moon pic, by the way, looks like something NASA would publish!     

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