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Date: 12/21/23 10:42
Need Recommendation
Author: RDG630

What would be good for video editing? 

Date: 12/21/23 15:49
Re: Need Recommendation
Author: walstib

A souped-up Mac Studio with a pair of 27-inch monitors, and Final Cut Pro would be my first choice.

Your question is very broad, and to give a more useful answer it would help to know if you are looking for a hardware or software recommendation. And maybe what level of editing you’re hoping to do?

My iPhone does a decent job editing basic videos using iMovie. It’s great for splicing together videos in the field.

iMovie likewise works well on a Mac for basic editing, and titles. Some effects, too.

I’m obviously an Apple person.

Someone else can comment on what to do in the PC world, if that’s your flavor.

But again, it would help to know more specifically what you’re looking to do, and what hardware you may already have.

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Date: 12/22/23 04:51
Re: Need Recommendation
Author: cozephyr

Adobe Premiere Rush is another option for video editing.  Works fine on an Apple MacBook Pro laptop.

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