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Date: 01/19/24 07:50
Shooting in snow/rain
Author: WM_1109

What is accepted practice to protect your DSLR/lens when you're forced to shoot in inclement weather and don't have the luxury of a platform canopy?  Any specific product recommendations?

Date: 01/19/24 07:55
Re: Shooting in snow/rain
Author: goneon66

i have put a plastic grocery bag over my canon video cam when taking videos in the snow.

so, far it has worked for me...............


Date: 01/19/24 08:14
Re: Shooting in snow/rain
Author: WM_1109

Thanks. That certainly would be the inexpensive way to go. (Well, as long as you don't actually have to buy groceries to acquire one.)

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Date: 01/19/24 15:59
Re: Shooting in snow/rain
Author: goneon66

here are the conditions i took the video in with the plastic bag cover...........



Date: 01/19/24 23:44
Re: Shooting in snow/rain
Author: TCnR

Amazon and stores like B&H Photo have extensive lines of rain covers of various designs. The complexity is getting both hands under the cover to work the camera controls, the integrity of the design is limited by how wet your hands would be. Did a quick Google and checked the Images of various designs and the grocery bag makes as much sense as any of them.

Used the phrase " bh photo rain cover ".

This is another area where Wildlife Photographers have a lot of experience that could be helpful.

Date: 01/21/24 12:17
Try an Apple iPhone Shooting in Snow/Rain
Author: cozephyr

Apple iPhone with OtterBox protection works great for most weather conditions.

Photo 1 - Kyle RR conductor worked in bitter cold, windy conditions at Peconic, Colorado, 20 January 2024.

Photo 2 - Amtrak train 5 the California Zephyr emerged from Moffat Tunnel with over 5 feet of snow on the ground at Winter Park Resort, Colorado, 19 January 2024.

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Date: 01/22/24 02:11
Re: Shooting in snow/rain
Author: NYSW252


Date: 01/22/24 05:10
Re: Shooting in snow/rain
Author: WM_1109

NYSW252 Wrote:
> Umbrella

I can only see that working if you're the President and have a U.S. Marine at your disposal.

Date: 01/23/24 07:34
Re: Shooting in snow/rain
Author: march_hare

Back in the day, the umbrella technique also worked well with a girlfriend. No need for the Marines. 

With the wife of the past 30 years, not so much. So I use a 2 gallon ziploc bag, with a standard sun shield below. Ditch the bag (the ziploc one) at critical moments. Almost as effective as the girlfriend technique, with fewer complaints. 

Date: 02/07/24 06:59
Re: Shooting in snow/rain
Author: BoilingMan

I’ve clamped an umbrella to a tripod to keep my hands free.

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