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Accessing Trainorders.com
To take full advantage of Trainorders.com our visitors will need to access the site utilizing a modern PC , PowerPC Macintosh, or Unix /Linux workstation running a recent version of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer. WebTV users may experience difficulty in accessing certain areas of our web site including the classified ad sections and RailCams. We appologize for this inconvienence as we do not have the resources available to develop a separate site for these users.

Unable to Log Into Trainorders.com
This site uses cookies to save authenticate. If you type in your username and password and you repeatably see the login box then cookies are not turn on in your browser.

To turn cookies on in Microsoft Internet Explorer go to tools in the top menu bar and select internet options. Select the privacy tab. Drag the slider bar to medium high security and select ok. This should activate cookies in your browser so that you may log in.

If you still cannot get in make sure the date and time is set correctly on your computer. Cookies transmitted to your computer are given an expiration date. If your date is set incorrectly then your computer may delete the cookie.

It has been reported that users using Norton Personal Firewall are unable to access Trainorders.com. We are not aware of any work arounds for this product so our only advice is to deactivate it while accessing Trainorders.com.

Lost Passwords
If you forgot your password or login id you can have it sent to you via email. You need to remember the email address you specified as permanent non-trainorders.com address to access it. Follow this link to access this feature.

Cookies - Discussion Forum Problems
The discussion forum requires that your browser accepts cookies. If cookies are turned off you will find that you will be unable to post messages.

Proxy Servers
Users accessing the site from a proxy server may have difficulty in accessing our RailCam images as our server treats inquiries by some proxy applications as a security violation. If this occurs contact your ISP or network administrator to determine if you can bypass the proxy when connecting to the internet.

Questions About Railroading
If you have a question about railroading or are completing a project where you need to find resources we suggest you submit the question to one of our popular railroad discussion forums. They receive thousands of visitors daily and 90% of all questions receive an answer within a day.

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