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First publish date: 05-08-2006
GO Transit and AutoShare Launch "Station Car" Pilot
In an effort to encourage more people to leave their cars at home, GO Transit and AutoShare are launching a "station car" pilot project at Port Credit GO Station.

AutoShare has parked a vehicle at the station, which people can rent by the hour through AutoShare's innovative self-serve system.

"The future of transportation is choice, and the goal of this project is to give people the option to use GO Transit to travel long distances," says AutoShare President Kevin McLaughlin, "and then finish their trip quickly and conveniently with an AutoShare vehicle. For instance, a GO customer could avoid the traffic on the Gardiner on their way to a mid-day meeting in Mississauga."

AutoShare vehicles parked at GO stations extend the transit network and increase transit use, especially during off-peak periods, making travel easier and quicker. "We're pleased to partner with AutoShare to make it even more convenient for our customers to leave their cars at home," says GO Transit Managing Director & CEO Gary McNeil. AutoShare already has vehicles parked at almost 30 TTC stations, and they are by far the busiest in the network. This kind of "Mobility Point", which gathers several alternative methods of transportation in one convenient location, is increasingly common in Europe, and builds on the work of the recent Mobility HUB project at the CNE.

Car sharing is already recognized and encouraged by the City of Toronto as a great way to reduce pollution, parking problems and road congestion. Each AutoShare car takes at least 8 vehicles off of the road (reducing parking demand), and, on average, members reduce their driving by over 35% (improving air quality). Over 2,500 individuals, families and businesses have also recognized that AutoShare is a great way to save time and money, with self-serve cars, hybrids and vans for rent by the hour at more than 60 locations across Toronto.
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