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First publish date: 2006-05-25

Amtrak Capitol Limited Struck from Behind by Freight in PA

The eastbound Amtrak Capitol Limited train was struck from behind by a freight train early Thursday morning, after the Amtrak train had come to a stop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A freight train, initially identified as operated by Norfolk Southern, was in the process of coming to a stop behind the Amtrak train and apparently had momentum from the freight cars that carried it past its planned stopping point and into the rear of the Amtrak train at approximately 04:00 EST. The impact was reportedly at a very low speed.

According to reports from the scene, some 180 people (passengers and crew combined) were aboard the passenger train at the time of the collision. Three people were taken to local hospitals for minor injuries. It is not know if the injured were train crew or passengers from aboard the Amtrak train.

Three people were taken to hospitals with minor injuries after a freight train collided with a passenger train on Thursday morning.

There was no derailment from the impact and little visible damage to either train involved. The Amtrak train was enroute from Chicago to Washington, D.C. and was in the process of discharging and picking up passengers at the Pittsburgh train station.

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