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First publish date: 2006-06-02

CSS Acquires 100 New Steel Coil-hauling Gondolas

The Chicago SouthShore & South Bend Railroad (CSS) is acquiring 100 new gondola cars equipped with insulated one-piece covers to handle shipments of coiled steel.

Delivery from Trinity Industries, Inc., Dallas, Texas, began in mid May 2006. Total cost of the new cars exceeds $8 million. The 112-ton capacity, 42-ft. long cars are equipped with end-of-car cushioning and feature a continuous trough with moveable crossbars to accommodate steel coils ranging from 30 to 84 inches in diameter.

\"These new cars are part of SouthShore\'s commitment to improve freight service for our steel customers,\" said SouthShore President Henry Lampe. The railroad\'s service area accounts for about one-fifth of America\'s total steel production. Major steel customers located on CSS include U.S. Steel, Mittal Steel (formerly Bethlehem), and Roll Coater, Inc.

SouthShore expects to spend nearly $10 million on capital improvements in 2006, including the new equipment. Since beginning operations 16 years ago, CSS has leased or purchased 190 freight cars primarily for the steel industry.

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