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Name: Roger
Interests: Steam. I belong to a club in northern Illinois that operates a 1912 built 36 ton coal burning standard gauge Heisler. I am part of the crew and run and fire the engine, punch tickets, flag, whatever. Went on my first fan trip with my late father in 1960 behind CB&Q 4960. We went on our last excursion together in 1966 from Chicago to South Bend on the Grand Trunk behind CN 6218. Alcos. I have a particular interest in the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad. They have used my photos in their calendars, fliers, website, and on an anniversary plate. I have worked on the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio; Chicago & Northwestern; Toledo, Peoria & Western. I've been a machinist apprentice, relief agent, operator, towerman, train dispatcher, company photographer (TP&W), car clerk, crew dispatcher. I drew safety cartoons for the Chicago & Northwestern's Rule of the Week (Illinois Division) and contracted with the Chicago & Illinois Midland to do the same for three different departments. I am also an ordained minister, work now with individuals with developmental disabilities, and maintain a jail ministry that the Lord has given me. Drop me a PM if you're not sure that you know where you're going when you leave planet earth.
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