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Interests: Started MOW for BN in 1978, hiring out in Rockford, Il. Transferred hostler Galesburg, Il April 1979, Engrs program May '79, passed exam Nov'79. Forced from Burg to Aurora, Il July 1980, wherein I bid a switch engine in Rockford, IL. my hometown. This was my first engineer assignment, working the Quaker Oats Dog food plant in Rkfd. thus my moniker, Quakerengr. After one year this job was abolished as it went to the Illinois Central Gulf for the next year. I bumped to N. La Crosse, Wi. Was Furloughed in Dec 1983, Recalled as a hostler at Clyde Diesel shop in Cicero, Il. Worked the pit, plus assigned to the fireman's extra list, working the Dinkies, back in the days with the Rebuilt E-9's. Was recalled to N. La Crosse, Wi in 1987, spent rest of my career here..Retired July 2017, after 39 fun filled yrs on BN then BNSF
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