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Name: Lee Ryan
Interests: Anything train related in general, but specifically:<br> Rio Grande, BNSF, UP, SP, BN, Amtrak, modern trains, and some steam. NS and Southern are becoming favorites though I don't own any models in these two road names.<br><Br> I enjoy railfanning the Denver area, if you are in the area send an e-mail! I am more than happy to go railfanning!<br><br> I am a volunteer on the Platte Valley Trolley which runs along the S. Platte river in Denver so if you're in the area take a ride!<br><br> I also volunteer at the Greeley Freight Station Museum on most Saturday's. The museum houses a 5500 square foot HO layout as well as some other great railroad memorabilia and artifacts. The museum is open to the public every Friday 10-4, Saturday 10-4, and Sunday 1-4. <br><br> I also enjoy HO model railroading with DCC. I use NCE wireless DCC on my current 2 x 16 foot HO switching layout. NCE is the easiest DCC system to use on the market in my opinion. I also have installed over 300 decoders, both sound and non-sound. Over 100 of those being highly customized installations for LED and bulb lighting. I also manufacture resistor wheelsets for use with track detection circuits for layout signal systems.
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