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Name: Steve Rippeteau
Interests: Railroding, Photography, Model Railroading (1940 era). Operating trains in either full scale (12 inches to the foot) or model railroading in HO scale. Member of the National Railway Historical So. Member of Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society. Volunteer and member of the New Mexico Steam Locomotive & Railroad Historical Scociety, Santa Fe 2926. Volunteer member of the Oregon Rail Heritage Center, SP 4449, SP&S 700, OR&N 197 and working museum. Volunteer on the small crew for the SP 1797, 4-6-0 in Woodburn, Oregon, stuffed and mounted but well cared for. Member of Columbia Gorge Model RR Club, Portland, OR. Member of Willamette Valley Model RR Club in Brooks, OR. Was Voluinteer care taker of the Santa Fe 2913 in Fort Madison, Iowa. Retired after 42 years in train service: Starting in August, 1965 on the Milwaukee Road, Chicago Div and Dubuque and Illinois Division. Then Santa Fe Railway starting November 11, 1965 on the Illinois Division, working passenger and freight on the 1st, 2nd and Pekin Districts. 22 years of my career we lived in Chillicothe, Illinois, the freight Division point until the run-thru and move to Fort Madison, Iowa on August 30, 1991. Then after the BN take over in September, 1995 we had expanded seniority from Chicago to KC, KS working either way out of Fort Madison, Iowa on either the ATSF or CB&Q. We moved from our home in Fort Madison, Iowa, two blocks from the Big New Santa Fe and Transcon. We now live in Woodburn, Oregon where I devote time volunteering for the above mentioned Oregon RR groups. The main reason for moving from the midwest after 68 years of living in the middle of the USA RR network was to live close to our kids and grandchildren. They both moved to Oregon many years ago to finish their education and start their new life and family. We're proud of them.
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