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Name: Rhett Coates
Web Site: http://imdb.com/name/nm2822895/
Interests: (2007 UPDATE...) Home Town: West Point, Virginia - site of one of the largest paper mills on the Eastern seaboard. INTERESTS: Operations of railroads, especially yards: the make-up/break-up of trains and re-classifying into blocks of cars for new trains, and the logistical routing of shipments. Co-wrote Disp.3 CSX RF&P/North End computer game territory with Robert Doss, for Fred Frailey, and also Disp.2 fictional rail line "NVCR" (New Virginia Central Railway). HO Scale modeler; like to weather scale models using dry & wet chalks, and earth-tone spray paints. Former (pre-Conrail-split through the early 2000s) DRIVER and DISPATCHER for City Cab/"B-Line" Division -- RR crew van service, serving CSX, NS and AMTRAK+VRE. Service routes included ALL of Virginia, and out into North & South Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Former 5+ year employee of "The Greatest Show On Earth" -- RED UNIT Feb 1985-Feb 1991, on BLUE UNIT during the first quarter of 1992 and of 1996, and RED UNIT again in early 2007. CURRENTLY: ...am acquiring photos for a book on the operation of the two, mile-long RBBB Circus Trains. (I acquired an interest in the heritage of the Circus railcar fleet when I discovered that the car on which I lived while I was first employed by the show [ex-UP baggage/messenger 6313] first entered service on U.P. the same month I was born--March 1961...and had a "Twilight Zone" moment at that discovery. Later, I discovered to my utter LOL shock and amazement that car's [Feld Entertainment, Inc. "asset number"] was the same # as the last 4 digits of my Social Security Number! Now, that's just TOO spooky.) Publication is to include a full-length version of [an abridged] feature article version* of the story as published in the March 1994 issue of Passenger Train Journal magazine, titled "Life Aboard The Circus Train") of the Red Unit's June 1987, 4-day jump from Philadelphia PA to El Paso TX, and a complete, comprehensive heritage listing of RBBB's railcar fleet during the Feld-Family-owned era (1972 to Present-Day). *The book's primary text, with a dozen photos from the trip, were published in the March/April 2009 issue of "Bandwagon" circus world magazine as a prelude to the book version, to be released later. Spring/Summer 1995: "PTI" crew-van driver for CSX in Nashville TN's Radnor Yard. Also on the burner: working on material for a 40 page booklet on SOUTHERN Railway 60-ft. V-deck pulpwood cars (1970s/1980s-era), featuring known town assignments, updates on sales of the cars to other RRs, and with many pages of photos, builder diagrams, and more.
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