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Name: Daniel Fredrickson
Interests: I've been a lifelong railfan, living in northern Illinois since I was an infant. Trains and geocaching are my two biggest hobbies, and I am also heavily involved in a local church youth group. I live close to UP's Geneva Sub, though I am unable to alert anyone of something special that comes by. I can help provide updates though. I am also a big Green Bay Packers fan (sorry to you Bears fans). As far as heritage units go, I have seen all 6 UP heritage units, the Boy Scouts unit, the Pink Ribbon locomotive, the United Way engine, the 5,000th GEVO, both Winter Olympics locomotives, and 4 NS heritage units (1072, 1073, and 8025, all on oil trains on BNSF's Aurora Sub, and 1066 twice on the Geneva Sub).
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