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Name: Warren Weiss
Interests: My primary interest is in 2-1/2" gauge model trains. I build standard gauge models in 1:22.6 scale in order to be in proper proportion to the 2-1/2" track gauge. My layout is located outdoors and is a fictional representation of a couple of towns served by Southern Pacific in the mid-1950s. I've always loved 2-1/2" gauge trains since I first saw them operating at the Los Angeles County Fair when I was very young. In fact, that's what got me hooked on model railroading. I started with Lionel, then discovered HO, went to O scale 2-rail, then to N and on to 1:32 outdoors. But I knew that I'd never be satisfied until I could replicate in same way, those magnificent 2-1/2" gauge trains that got me started with the hobby. So that's how things evolved for me and why I'm modeling in such an obscure scale where everything has to be built from scratch.
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