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Trainorders.com Announces Railroad Oddity Image Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winners, $100 prize

PHOTOGRAPHER: Jim Fitzgerald
Photo contest entry. Taken in October at the Sumpter Valley Railway in eastern Oregon. Sumpter Valley 2-8-2 No. 19 in a scenic setting.

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PHOTOGRAPHER: Steve Schmollinger
Here's another example where the photographer was somewhat intimidated by the power from above while taking the night-time exposure. You tend to forget that you're cold or warm or sweaty or whatever when these bolts are crashing down not too terribly far from your location.

Link to the discussion forum thread

Sometimes the Engineering engineers get a little carried away. On a beautiful fall day last year when we were testing, the (external)dynamic brake grids ended up being used to grill lunch.
Yes, the hotdogs were eaten.

Link to the discussion forum thread

Weekly Winners
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For contest rules and prizes visit this link.
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