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Date: 10/26/05 16:06
Fall Color Contest
Author: map

After descending Marias Pass, an eastbound BNSF manifest charges onto the Montana plains led by a motive power lash-up almost as colorful as the scenery. October 2003.


Date: 10/26/05 16:08
Re: Fall Color Contest
Author: checkmate007

Great shot!

Date: 10/26/05 16:09
Re: Fall Color Contest
Author: ColoradoRailfan

Very nice shot! I love how the foreground looks warm and inviting, while the background looks VERY cold!

Date: 10/26/05 16:24
Re: Fall Color Contest
Author: NscaleMike

Definately one of the best I've seen on this board...contest or not..

Henderson, NV

Date: 10/26/05 16:32
We have a winner...
Author: Darryl


Date: 10/26/05 16:39
Re: Fall Color Contest
Author: DynamicBrake

BEAUTIFUL SHOT!! The heat waves really add to the overall composition of the picture. I may be a bit presumtious, but this would be a winner at Winterail.

Date: 10/26/05 17:16
Re: Fall Color Contest
Author: QU25C

ya thats a nice one . good depth of feld sharp and good colors . Richard ps wish it was mine !

Date: 10/26/05 18:04
Re: Fall Color Contest
Author: sdrake

I have to agree. It is definitly a very nice, well composed picture.

Date: 10/26/05 19:53
Re: Fall Color Contest
Author: stevelv

Beautiful! This shot's going to make it easier on Todd and the boys in contest 2.

Date: 10/27/05 07:10
Re: Fall Color Contest
Author: ricky

Ok Map, you stole my shot...although you're angle is actually quite a bit better for the fall foliage. Are you trying to one up me for being the "driving force" in golf???...<g>

It is a great shot though!

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