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Date: 06/11/06 06:24
Special dedication on Hill 582
Author: 43197

On 9 June 2006, a small dedication ceremony was held on Hill 582 in the Cajon Pass, when a plaque making the passing of railfans Ed Delvers and Dave Burton was unveiled, some of those present asked if I would post this on TO to share with others who were friends of these fine 'Gentlemen'.

A few words were read out by Doug Pickard provided by Carin Enovijas (Dave Burton's Daughter) who could not be present due to work commitments, together with a short speech by Chard Walker.

The main picture shows the 'Garden' at Hill 582 with from left to right (back row): Lane Frank, Gary Gray, Chard Walker, Don Winslow, Don Toles, Sheryl Bovi, Andy Goodson. Left to right (front row): Doug Pickard, Paul Westover. The smaller picture shows the new plaque.

The 'Garden' at Hill 582 now has three 'dedications', from left to right these are: William B Garner, Michael John Marzlo and the new Ed Delvers/Dave Burton plaque.

I was very honoured to attend this event and take the illustrations.

Colin Marsden

Date: 06/11/06 07:42
Re: Special dedication on Hill 582
Author: LAYOFF

Thats a great dedication , Now i really want to know what crazy persons drug that drawbar and knuckle assembly up there. That thing wieghts a ton. FAN on Brothers !

Date: 06/11/06 15:15
Re: Special dedication on Hill 582
Author: ted1897

LAYOFF, here's the answer to your question about the drawbar. BNSF diesel mechanic, Mike Marzlo, with the help of three other crazy railfans, drug the drawbar to Hill 582 behind Mike's Toyota 4 x 4 on Memorial Day, May 30, 2000. The drawbar had laid hidden in the brush next to the SP tracks near Hill 582 for many years. The four of us managed to drag the drawbar to a close-by sandy ravine. Mike backed his truck up the ravine, and we attached a stout chain to the drawbar and the truck. At that time there was a crossing at the north end of Hill 582, so Mike pulled the drawbar down the ravine, across the tracks and up on the Hill. We "planted" it at its' present location near the northeast corner.

Mike Marzlo died in an automobile accident on his way home from work on November 8, 2003. He was 40 years old. The drawbar thus became a memorial in remembrance of Mike.


Date: 06/11/06 19:41
Re: Special dedication on Hill 582
Author: ProAmtrak

Can't wait to see it myself once I head back to Califronia, glad they did that too! Anyone know if Altamont Press is gonna still be in buisness?

Date: 06/12/06 15:31
Re: Special dedication on Hill 582
Author: GP40X

It was a pleasure to have met you and I'm glad you made it home safely. I look forward to seeing you and Andy soon.


Date: 08/11/06 06:32
Re: Special dedication on Hill 582
Author: schmo

The one thing that can't be destroyed is the high esteem and comradery we felt with these fine gentlemen.

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