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Date: 07/09/06 17:53
UP 1989 & Colorado Coal
Author: eatontm

D&RGW heritage SD70ACe UP 1989 has spent the past two days moving North Fork coal trains out of Grand Junction, CO after straying from the Denver-Pueblo train. Early this morning the C BRVL 06 was loaded and headed westbound over the North Fork Sub, doing what the Rio Grande did best...

Departing Bowie, CO 0742 hrs.

East of Hotchkiss, CO 0832 hrs.


Date: 07/09/06 18:22
Re: UP 1989 & Colorado Coal
Author: blueflag

The 1989 looks sharp in the second photo! Thanks for posting.

Date: 07/09/06 18:35
Re: UP 1989 & Colorado Coal
Author: tolland

Great photos, Tyler. It's nice to see they're getting rain over there also.

Jim Burrill

Date: 07/09/06 19:04
Re: UP 1989 & Colorado Coal
Author: ColoradoRailfan

Very nice Tyler...I particularly like the first image. The clouds hanging onto the mountain in the background add something, I think!

Kevin Morgan
Arvada, CO

Date: 07/09/06 21:15
Re: UP 1989 & Colorado Coal
Author: westernrails

I'm all for sunny days for railroad photography, but it's pictures like these that are actually better (IMO) because of the clouds and the wet weather. It has a real "mood" to it. Very nice!

Date: 07/09/06 21:23
Re: UP 1989 & Colorado Coal
Author: PZRMN

Glad the engine finally made it out to the west slope, maybe now all the west slope whinning will stop, for a while at least. : )


Date: 07/09/06 22:24
Re: UP 1989 & Colorado Coal
Author: NH2006


Date: 07/10/06 10:50
Re: UP 1989 & Colorado Coal
Author: soundman

As in most of the shots so far, as long as the 1989 stays clean it really pops in the photo compared to most dull motors it's teamed with.

Nice pics, Soundman

Date: 07/10/06 19:15
Re: UP 1989 & Colorado Coal
Author: skyview

Good job as always, thought perhaps you or one of the others made the trip! Share more!

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