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Date: 06/04/02 22:14
Keddie Resort ??
Author: stivmac

My wife and I celebrated 22 years of wedded bliss this weekend with a 1400 mile road trip that took us thru the Feather River area. I recalled as a wee tot staying summers at the Keddie Resort, just down hill from the Wye. My mom says that the main building was a RR hotel. We poked on in and the place looked mostly closed up. Any one have any info on this? If its still in operation it would make a neat place to park one's backside, fish and train watch.

Date: 06/04/02 23:15
Re: Keddie Resort ??
Author: graybeard1942

Nearly all of the original buildings have been condemned by public works and have the utilities disconnected. When rail passenger service to Keddie was a regular event, the Keddie Resort was a great place to escape the heat of the city. The automobile changed all of that.

In the winter, it is still a busy place as UP's hub for fighting the weather and its by-products in the FR canyon. High rail escorts for the canyon are coordinated by supervisors based at Keddie.

My first visit to Keddie was in the winter of 1979. Somewhere, I have photos of a well-worn F unit in Western Pacific colors set on a siding with a flanger.

Quite a number of people were still living there at that time. One of the unsolved mysteries of Plumas County is the disappearance of a Keddie teenage girl around that time who was hitchhiking to Quincy. To the best of my knowledge, she was never seen again.

Date: 06/04/02 23:26
Re: Keddie Resort ??
Author: PTRA


sounds like a place you might not want to relax in just yet!!!!!!!

Date: 06/04/02 23:55
Re: Keddie Resort ??
Author: graybeard1942

PTRA, thanks for the complete story. I had forgotten about the murders and just remembered the story of the missing girl.

There is one residence there with lots of railroad emblems, etc. Who lives there or does UP use it as an office? Anyone know?

Date: 06/05/02 07:55
Re: Keddie Resort ??
Author: stivmac

It saddens me to see what has become of a part of my dim youth. Most of what I remember of Keddie are in old photos. It is where I caught my first fish, a whopping 7" trout! My mom wanted a picture and they had to force me to stand still for it. This would have been about 1954 or so. Driving down Rte 70, I found it hard to concieve of our family snaking up that road in a 1936 Buick in the Central Valley heat of August. My mom tells me that trains thundered by on a regular basis. I guess a psycho-analist would point out that this was the start of my fascination with trains.

Date: 06/05/02 09:53
Re: Keddie Resort ??
Author: BrianJennison

I don't want no part of any "psycho-analists" !! :-) Incidentally, the fixed up cabin with the railroad emblems is Vicki's place... she was the subject of an earlier thread...

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