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Date: 10/07/07 21:08
Is this unusual?
Author: xtra1188w

I'm talking about the little wings on the short low hood of this loco. I seem to recall something about it being unusual to very rare for UP to put winged logos on narrow bodied locos, true? I also think that I had already posted this picture a week or two ago, but I just noticed the little wings this afternoon, and wanted to ask about whether or not this was rare, and if so, how rare?


Date: 10/07/07 21:23
Re: Is this unusual?
Author: mojaveflyer

I can't say I've seen it before but I like the look... Don't think it will work on patched red noses, though!

Date: 10/07/07 21:24
Re: Is this unusual?
Author: fredkharrison

Utah Rails reports that between 2/2001 and 5/2002 UPRR put the 72 inch "Baby Wings" on at least 50 units. All these units except UP 6936 have regular cabs and normal width low noses. They had been freshly repainted and got the new lightning separator stripe between the gray and yellow paint.

Fred Harrison
Central Point, OR

Date: 10/07/07 22:44
Re: Is this unusual?
Author: TopcoatSmith

There was a preiod of time when UPee folks were putting wings on everything in sight, 50 out of a couple thousand or so is kinda rare. Some look good, some look silly.

Now they jusy put the shield and Building America, no wings, no lightning stripe, no name, no (fill in the blank).

TCS - ...

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