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Date: 11/09/07 17:21
Railroaders! My contest submissions.
Author: alex14ramos

Going to be gone this weekend so this is my last oppurtunity to submit anything for the contest. Enjoy!

1- After talking with me for a bit, the engineer of an Amtrak train climbs into the cab after the conductor tells him its about time to highball, and get the train on its way to Chicago.

2- After spotting me taking photos out the window of a dutch door aboard a private car, the friendly engineer of the Reno Snow Train sends a friendly wave towards the rear of the train as he works the train westward over Donner Pass.

3- A baggage handler unloads boxes of goods off of a tardy Amtrak 11 at Emeryville.

Date: 11/09/07 17:25
Re: Railroaders! My contest submissions.
Author: alex14ramos

- Only minutes prior to departure from Portola, CA, members of the UP steam crew get ready for a trip to Roseville down the Feather River Canyon aboard 3985.

- The conductor of the Dunsmuir Railroad Days special sends a friendly wave (heil! ; - ) to the conductor for the Northbound ZLCBR.

- After making a straight run from Mill City to Toy, NV, the engineer of the westbound ZCSLT finally has a chance to get some fresh air and chugs down on some water before highballing towards Sparks.

Date: 11/09/07 17:29
Re: Railroaders! My contest submissions.
Author: alex14ramos

- The conductor of Amtrak 551 signals the engineer to highball Emeryville over his radio as he peeks out the side of one of the coaches before departure.

- While waiting for the Peninsula to clear up so they can run their train to GGRM, Rod McClure and Steve Habeck sandwich the WP 707 at Newhall Yard in Santa Clara, CA. I believe all but one track was torn up here.

- A gang of MOW workers work hard at Jack London Square before clearing the way for an Amtrak train.

Date: 11/09/07 17:30
Re: Railroaders! My contest submissions.
Author: alex14ramos

- A conductor tells his engineer what train to set his cars out onto.

- An engineer looks over his paperwork before making an overnight run to Roseville.

Take Care,
Alex Ramos

Date: 11/09/07 18:26
Re: Railroaders! My contest submissions.
Author: espeeboy

Good stuff RamosMan. WTF are you going this weekend?!?

I of course think #1 is a definite winner. Something about the strong contrast and shadows where you're not really able to recognize the Hogg but you know he's smiling and sense he's loving the start of his day's journey.

BUT I've always like #8 from our friendly "Museum Shuttle" FRRS crew one one of their night runaround moves down at Newhall Yard headed to the former GGRM. This was before the yard had all it's old SP rails ripped out from it and before the runaround Coast mainline gained a kink in it by the Santa Clara station.

Date: 11/09/07 20:08
Re: Railroaders! My contest submissions.
Author: RoustaboutAl

Alex, good photos. You caught some good "old" WP friends of mine...


Date: 11/10/07 14:06
Re: Railroaders! My contest submissions.
Author: Yarddogh

I like that 9127 cab shot. No sugar on that cereal . . : >) 'Dogh

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