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Date: 08/15/02 20:44
MAERSK grand opening
Author: 3rdswitch

Well, I was fortunate [or unfortunate] to catch the BIG MAERSK non-revenue-pork-train special today. Some legends [in their own mind] aboard, Matt Rose [he arrived via helicopter!] Dave Dealy, along with 150 additional invited guests aboard. The guests were treated to various hors d'oeuvres and drinks, while the BNSF CREW got NOTHING, after being on the train from 1100 hrs until 1830 hrs! Even work trains feed the crews! This is how BNSF treats it's "family"! Only 7 years to go. Anyway, here are a couple of shots from today, from top, THE units, and THE train, in the morning overcast, the new support yard [new Hanjin facility on left], the train from CP Badger, CP Badger from the train [with PHL (exOhio Central) lite engine], and, THE train with banner inside loading track A-1.

Date: 08/15/02 21:00
Re: MAERSK grand opening
Author: alco636

No food for the crew? Gee management really put them in their place! (sarcasm) What goes around, comes around.

Date: 08/15/02 21:51
JB: Much Gratitude From Other Quarters
Author: SteveD

While it is regrettable you don't feel appreciated by your employer, Please know your ongoing contributions here, both historical and contemporary [behind the scenes] truly are!

Date: 08/15/02 23:36
Re: MAERSK grand opening
Author: loleta

Was there late afternoon to witness quite an aggressive showing at the event by the longshoreman's union. Definitely not a group to piss off.
What's next for the two Maersk-painted units?

Loleta Fernbridge

Date: 08/16/02 00:19
Re: MAERSK grand opening
Author: JimHardman

Excellent photographs. Love to see it in person.


Date: 08/16/02 00:32
Dumb question re: BNSF unit
Author: [null]

How is it that the BNSF Maersk unit is doing all this running around, apparently leading, when it doesn't appear to have ditch lights? Not going faster than 20mph over public crossings to duck the rule, or what?

Date: 08/16/02 00:42
Re: Dumb question re: BNSF unit
Author: karldotcom

that engine is a DUMMY...meaning non operative...but filled with fuel none-the-less...painted for the occasion


they can't operate Pier 400 nonunion can they? I heard there was no contract signed.

Date: 08/16/02 10:19
Re: Different Perspective
Author: RayH

Well, I was an invited guest on this passenger special. Thanks for the good handling up and down the Alameda Corridor. Good shots, I wish the marine layer cleared before we left Pier 400,as I ended up not shooting those units. (I only had 5 rolls of film in the camera bag)!

As for the food, I think it was a non-issue. I was in "Bay View" and all I saw was soda, nuts and candy. If there was anything else, I didn't see it.

As for the comment about the non-revenue "pork special", I think ANY PR savvy company would have run a special train like this. This new terminal will be HUGE. BNSF should be touting its relationship with Maersk, lest the contract go to another railroad (then where would the BNSF jobs be, and would you be able to continue posting photos from this terminal)? My perspective is as 1) an officer of a company that is a major shipper on Maersk, 2) a BNSF shareholder, and 3) a railfan fortunate to have ridden this special.

Date: 08/16/02 18:59
Re: MAERSK grand opening
Author: beans

where is the F45 from? ATSF? judging by the AC
unit, yes. what number? I remember seeing the
Maersk GP60M..... memories


Date: 08/16/02 19:31
Re: MAERSK grand opening
Author: Evan_Werkema

beans wrote:

> where is the F45 from? ATSF?

The locomotive is BNSF SDF40-2 6976, ex-ATSF
5266, originally Amtrak SDP40F 644.

> judging by the AC unit, yes.

BNSF 6976 no longer has an air conditioner.
What you are seeing on the roof is the antenna

Date: 08/18/02 20:09
Re: MAERSK grand opening
Author: beans

Evan, thanks for the reply.
I always get the f45 and sdfp45s confused.
upon further examination there is no AC.
will this unit be repainted to yellowbonnet?
If they decide to paint it orange/green, I'd rather see her scrapped.


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