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Date: 09/11/02 23:29
Plow equipped GP9
Author: photobob

I just came on this shot I took of a westbound coming off the Martinez Bridge. It is the only photo I have of snowplow mounted on a GP9.
How many other SP geeps had snowplows ? I know a large number of the SD's had them.

Date: 09/12/02 06:12
Re: Plow equipped GP9
Author: sp3773

3773 had one. I think 3777 and 3771 had one also.

sp 3773 out.

Date: 09/12/02 08:06
Re: Plow equipped GP9
Author: WAF

I know some of the low nose 3700 series geeps had them.

Date: 09/12/02 09:07
Re: Plow equipped GP9
Author: kstevens

I seem to remember having a photo of 3750 somewhere in my collection taken in the 1980's that shows it fitted with a larger road unit type plow. After a little research, I found the following photo that verified my memory since I was too lazy to dig through all of my slides (link below).


Date: 09/12/02 11:22
Re: Plow equipped GP9
Author: samreeves

The geeps that had to work the mountain locals were probably outfitted with them.

Date: 09/12/02 12:40
Re: Plow equipped GP9
Author: lone star


SP 3602 was another of the geeps so equipped. The 3750 mentioned above was equipped with a larger plow than the one shown in Bob's photo. This unit (3750) was dedicated power for the Lakeview Branch for a long time and likely used its plow for snow, while the others likely saw more Fords and Chevys than any natural phenomenon...

Date: 09/12/02 14:30
Re: Plow equipped GP9
Author: supt

The Yolo Shortline GP9 131 ex 3803 has a snowplow

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