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Date: 10/09/02 09:24
TOFC vs. Double stack equipment
Author: cdub

I saw a monster UP bare table this morning headed east thru Omaha with nothing but flats (no double stack cars), and it got me thinking. Are there any official numbers out there (by the AAR or otherwise) that show the number of TOFC flat cars and the number of double stack container cars in service in the US. It surprised me to see so many TOFC flats on the UP as I've been long under the impression that the UP hauls more stacks than TOFC while it's the other way around on the BNSF, but I could be off on that ass-umption. TIA for any info!

Date: 10/09/02 10:09
Re: TOFC vs. Double stack equipment
Author: ATSF100WEST

Hey cdub-

If nothing else, this might prove of interest......


Take care, and Be Safe,



Date: 10/09/02 11:29
Re: TOFC vs. Double stack equipment
Author: SteveD

Stack car count complicated by fact that one car can consist of multiple permanently connected sections, which we might easily consider seperate

Date: 10/09/02 13:07
Re: TOFC vs. Double stack equipment
Author: danco

If you're really bored, you could go through the Official Railway Equipment Register and count them up... :-)

The ORER will even give you an idea of which ones are multi-platform articulated cars (e.g., length of 330 feet).


Date: 10/09/02 13:41
Re: TOFC vs. Double stack equipment
Author: soo6617

As of July 1, 2001 TTX had 35,110 IM cars, note
that is cars not platforms, 27% were COFC, 67%
were All-Purpose (either COFC or TOFC), and 10%
were TOFC only. Most Intermodal cars built today
are All-Purpose even the well cars used for double-stacks. As of the same date BNSF had just over 2900 cars and UP just over 900 cars that they
owned. It is not unusual to see a trailer in a well-car.

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