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Date: 05/08/03 19:55
TX-Stolen Derailer
Author: EWA

During two separate news broadcasts on Fox News it was reported that the FBI has put out an alert regarding up to 9 Derail devices that were stolen in Texas. I tried to research more but could not come up with anything on Google. From the sound of the alert it seems the FBI may feel this is related to a terrorist group.


Date: 05/08/03 20:08
Re: TX-Stolen Derailer
Author: ExEspee

This sounds like old news that was discussed on Trainorders several weeks ago.

Date: 05/08/03 20:45
Re: TX-Stolen Derailer
Author: EWA

Hopefully, it sounds like ExEspee is right, appologies, tried searching here 1st time nothing, 2nd time....

Strange it has taken so long to hit the mainstream news,

Again appologies

Date: 05/08/03 22:35
Re: TX-Stolen Derailer
Author: ExEspee

Maybe the FBI should start reading Trainorders!!

Date: 05/08/03 22:45
Author: Big John

What makes you think they don't? BWAAAHAHA

Date: 05/09/03 08:44
Author: aqha

I heard a report yesterday on the radio, I don't recall which network, that indicated that the equipment stolen included re-railing frogs. The railroad (BNSF) that I work for has a notice posted concerning missing portable derails. As is often the case when the news reports railroad events, they may have gotten it wrong. How many other things does the media get wrong when reporting on things they don't understand?

Date: 05/09/03 19:00
Author: 5711

>From: Matthew Reilly [mailto:Mreilly@a...]
>Sent: Thursday, March 20, 2003 7:41 AM
>To: Mreilly@a...

Lets see, published on March 20th, Fox reports FBI concerned on or about May 8th.

Does anyone see a problem with this?

I got the alert through my railroad associates and passed it along to others (and TO news) on March 22nd.

-PRR 5711

Date: 05/11/03 11:44
how many things does the media get wrong?
Author: rsd12

Other than railroading, the media has a problem reporting on military events. Television news here in Los Angeles describes any sort of Navy warship as a "battleship". The small Coast Guard vessels patrolling the LA harbor area are mentioned as being equipped with M-60 "rifles" (machine guns, actually.) Anything with tracks is a "tank", including M-113s and Bradly AFVs. They get the railroading wrong, too, when they recently described the minor derailment of a "cargo train". When you hear obvious mistakes on TV, it makes you wonder what part they get wrong that is not so obvious!

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