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Date: 11/05/11 11:55
IRM Question
Author: dcmkris

HI Everyone,

Dose anyone know if there is a contact e mail or phone number to contact the proper person or persons to get permission to take detailed measurement and photos of a engine located inside one of the barns? For a possible upcoming modeling project. I have checked the net and their web site, but found no numbers or address for this type of info.

Thanks in advance


Date: 11/05/11 12:29
Re: IRM Question
Author: bxa1

If you have any questions, please contact Nick Kallas, Executive Director, at nkallas@irm.org or call me at the museum at 815-923-4391 ext 402.


Nick Kallas
Executive Director
Illinois Railway Museum
P.O. Box 427
Union, IL 60180

Date: 11/07/11 13:19
Re: IRM Question
Author: mp12point7

Talk about awesome response time!!!

IRM does just about everything right.

Date: 11/07/11 13:45
Re: IRM Question
Author: jimB


Visited IRM for the first time in October - great place. I'll try to get back for a diesel event some time!

Jim B

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