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Western Railroad Discussion > Some Variety At Longs Peak...

Date: 03/11/12 08:46
Some Variety At Longs Peak...
Author: railhugger

You never know what to expect at Longs Peak, CO. It might be the DENLAU, the LAUDEN, or a Coal Empty and maybe a blade train. Here are two examples of what might appear.

1) An empty wind mill train stopped on the main waiting for a track warrant. (2-12-12)

2) The LAUDEN holds the main waiting for the Longmont Turn to arrive at the BNSF East Yard and clear the main. (3-10-12)

Date: 03/12/12 13:27
Re: Some Variety At Longs Peak...
Author: SD45X

Sure glad they finished that siding, finally. Great catches.

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