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Western Railroad Discussion > I just love 3 day weekends!

Date: 11/05/12 20:11
I just love 3 day weekends!
Author: BrianA

With my new schedule at work I have Saturday-Sunday-Monday off, four ten hour days the rest of the week. I've never had a work schedule with 3 days off in a row. I just love it!

In the past I would have worked Monday but today I slept in and headed down to Auburn, WA for lunch. Arriving saw the headlights of a train in the yard and saw it was starting to pull. I had an eastbound BNSF Xtrain headed towards Stampede Pass! Timing is everything. So much for a nice sit down lunch! Ended up at Palmer Jct where I arrived a few minutes ahead of the BNSF 6791 East with still a few traces of fall color still showing in the background. Shortly after the DPU on the rear end went by, the clouds came in and the bright sunshine was gone.

I would have missed these shots at Palmer Jct in the past, working Mondays. Ten hours may make for a long work shift the other four days but I'll take it for Mondays like this.

Brian Ambrose
Renton, WA

Date: 11/06/12 10:07
Re: I just love 3 day weekends!
Author: Bob5446

Very nice Brian. I wouldn't mind 3 day weekends either!


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