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Date: 11/10/12 19:52
Springfield Oregon's Missing wye
Author: coosbaytoday

Taken today, this is where the east leg of the wye was that took off from the SP main to Coburg and Brownsville. The west leg of the wye would have been out of the picture to the right. The original line to Springfield from the north. Part of that line was narrow gauge. All of the tracks of the wye have been gone since the late 1980's, this bridge is all that remains. UP (ex-SP) Cascade main is at the bottom of the picture.
Todd Montgomery
Springfield OR

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Date: 11/10/12 22:41
Re: Springfield Oregon's Missing wye
Author: funnelfan

To keep from confusing people, the east and west legs of the wye he mentioned were per SP timetable standards that have everything toward SP headquarters in San Fransisco as west. Geographically what was the west leg of the north facing wye is shown. This was the bottom end of the "Eastside" line the was originally a narrow gauge railroad SP took over back in the 1800's. The eastside line once extended to Natron, OR. But the lines in the photo (including the mainline between Eugene and Springfield) were not installed until SP started the "Natron Cutoff" to bypass the Siskiyou line between Eugene and Black Butte, CA.

Ted Curphey
Cheney, WA

Date: 11/11/12 13:34
Re: Springfield Oregon's Missing wye
Author: coosbaytoday

Thanks, Ted. I didn't explain that real well.
Todd Montgomery

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