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Date: 11/16/12 18:30
Killing Time at the AFHT
Author: kodachrome9319

I'm in the middle of my first trip back to the away-from-home-terminal in over eight months, and cripes, am I bored while waiting for the phone to ring to head back home. I pulled out my laptop and decided to edit some recent images, and now I figured I'll post them here. Hopefully this cures my boredom, because the basketball game I was watching is over...

1) CP 199 races West between Burlington and Foxholm, ND:

2) CP 292 passes the Grain Hopper Bar, in Minot, ND which is packed for a Tuesday afternoon:

3) Empty oil cans for Trenton, ND race the sunset behind a duo of CSX's and a Goatboat:

Thanks for looking, and a Z train home would be nice...

Date: 11/16/12 19:02
Re: Killing Time at the AFHT
Author: obsessedfoamer

Big dog on the Mainline! Damn! Nice shots!

PT Smith

Date: 11/16/12 20:12
Re: Killing Time at the AFHT
Author: greyhounds

Nice pictures, well done, but...

Who won the basketball game?

Date: 11/16/12 20:17
Re: Killing Time at the AFHT
Author: 494

i feel for ya, but while you're at it...why don't you post a few more. that 199 shot is too perfect!

Date: 11/16/12 22:12
Re: Killing Time at the AFHT
Author: wpdude

Basketball game? Hell, it's TRAIN season!!!

Date: 11/17/12 03:23
Re: Killing Time at the AFHT
Author: driver

The first image is very well composed, love how the ice and cloud compliment each other.
Very cool :-)


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