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Western Railroad Discussion > Winter Begins!!!

Date: 12/09/12 11:18
Winter Begins!!!
Author: rrartist

Well it appears it's going to be a white Christmas in the Upper Midwest as the snow that was promised has began to fall and fall hard! I set up over in Dakota MN for CP train #283, CP #8934 as it sliced thru the snow. It met CP #270 just west of town at the Donehower Siding. CP #270 was really making the snow fly as the ICE #6429 and three sisters powered by - SWEET!!!

Date: 12/09/12 11:24
Re: Winter Begins!!!
Author: rrartist

After a 25 car pickup in La Crescent MN, CP #270 heads for Marquette IA with it's 13,000 ton train. The four SD40-2s sure had a nice sound moving that tonnage just south of La Crescent. Over on the BNSF side, my son Andrew is the hogger on the North Local today with a fairly new GP35 rebuild, BNSF #2660. And last, Amtrak #8 splits the home signals for Grand Crossing on the north-side of La Crosse WI.

Date: 12/09/12 11:29
Re: Winter Begins!!!
Author: rehunn

So that's where our inch or two of snow went, damn weather dude keeps promising and it keeps
going elsewhere, sigh.

Date: 12/09/12 11:46
Re: Winter Begins!!!
Author: NS4271

Amtrak train 8 at Essex, MT. when I was there this past October. My other shot is of the BNSF units in the snow at Essex, posted earlier.
I rode Amtrak from Pa. to Essex and return on this visit to MT.

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Date: 12/09/12 11:56
Re: Winter Begins!!!
Author: Milw_E70

The weather guessers were all saying rain and snow here today in Kansas...oddly enough it's sunny, breezy, and upper 30s.

Date: 12/09/12 13:28
Re: Winter Begins!!!
Author: WSOR506

Outstanding winter photos!!!!

Date: 12/09/12 14:12
Re: Winter Begins!!!
Author: CNW534

Twelve inches of snow here at MP 40 on the UP Altoona Subdivision.

Date: 12/09/12 16:02
Re: Winter Begins!!!
Author: highgreengraphics

Aaaah, that just LOOKS like Minnesota - Great pics! === === = === JLH

Date: 12/09/12 16:05
Re: Winter Begins!!!
Author: ProAmtrak

Watched the Bears/Vikings Game and it's snowing pretty good in the Twin cites, enjoy the white Christmas, I'm hoping it comes here in Flagstaff soon! BTW nice pics!

Date: 12/09/12 17:10
Re: Winter Begins!!!
Author: althewelder

Great shots with the snow falling! Reminds me of being up on Donner during some of the storms up there.

Going to be heading to Wisconsin for Christmas with the in-laws, hope we get some snow while we are there.

AL Bayer

Date: 12/09/12 18:54
Re: Winter Begins!!!
Author: ns1000

SUPER pics!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Date: 12/09/12 19:39
Re: Winter Begins!!!
Author: NH2006

Nice...I wish we had snow and/or we were doing Christmas in Wisconsin again this year.

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