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Date: 12/10/12 16:39
Hey, Numbnuts
Author: SD45X

They didn't start out that way, as it was in the teens when we met this soutbound (EB) leaving Fowler, CO. yesterday. But we kept on to Canon City to help a friends mother. We took her to dinner and a quick snoop downtown showed us they were running a Santa train.
Later, after dropping her off and assesing the work needed, we headed home. The long way. Back downtown, Rock and Rail were storing centerbeams. And they were doing it three at a time. Best I could do as I was not expecting them. Just got set up from jumping out of the truck on the bridge. They put 20 or so together.

Date: 12/10/12 16:47
Re: Hey, Numbnuts
Author: SD45X

I did what I could. After the last car, they put the two motors together and shoved up the hill above town. Not sure where they went. Did I mention it was cool out? 7 degrees. 7pm
We gave up and left town. -4.
At Pueblo, qman infered the BNSF still didn't know what to do with the ex VRE headed to the CCRG. Well, almost a week later it ended up in the interchange yard. It warmed up. 4 degrees F.

Date: 12/10/12 16:54
Re: Hey, Numbnuts
Author: SD45X

Headed out, we took advantage of the new lightbulbs. Didn't know I had to bring my welding helmet to a night shoot:)
And out the door, was 8128 sitting on the roundhouse lead.(yes that's the name of it. The laundry track is to the right)
We headed home, had to go to work. The hour drive fixed the numbness. Although the wife suggested a quicker fix:)

Date: 12/10/12 18:24
Re: Hey, Numbnuts
Author: ButteStBrakeman

ALL great shots!!! Thanks for sharing.



Date: 12/10/12 18:25
Re: Hey, Numbnuts
Author: ns2557

So the V20 finally made it over here. Have to go and have a look see. Saw those centerbeams this morning on my way to work. There was a pair of UP Units on the SF Spur by the switch. Not sure what they were doing there. UP 3798 plus 1 more 70m by the switch. How far up the Cotter Spur do those centerbeams go? Good shots SD45X. Ben

Date: 12/10/12 18:33
Re: Hey, Numbnuts
Author: mojaveflyer

Nice shots and I appreciate your sacrifice to get them... Where is the 'Roundhouse Lead'? I don't recognize the location. The other thought is I think it's called the 'Wash Rack' crossover opposite the roundhouse. Many moons ago there was a wash rack for the Zephyr passenger trains when they came through.

Date: 12/10/12 20:09
Re: Hey, Numbnuts
Author: NH2006

Brrrr...but awesome!

Did I miss the Omnitrax report?

Date: 12/11/12 05:00
Re: Hey, Numbnuts
Author: Guernseygirl

Jim, these are in Pueblo. Washrack in Denver:)

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