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Date: 06/07/13 10:52
Navajo Mines Railroad
Author: 251F

One of the more difficult railroads to photograph is the Navajo Mines Railroad operating between the Four Corners Generating Station located near Fruitland, NM and BHP Navajo Coal Mine.

Currently big news in the Navajo Nation is the impending sale by BHP of the mine to the Navajo Nation.

A recent article carried a rare glimpse of an ex-NdeM E60C-2 with hoppers being loaded.


I wasn't aware that Navajo Mine railroad had acquired any of the E60C-2s. Anyone know if they acquired 2? That would replace the ex-Amtrak E60s they had used for many years.


Date: 06/07/13 13:08
Re: Navajo Mines Railroad
Author: Evan_Werkema

For some 2010 photos of the operation, see: http://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?1,2215895

The two ex-Amtrak E60's were replaced by ex-NdeM units several years ago.

Date: 06/07/13 14:25
Re: Navajo Mines Railroad
Author: march_hare

I used to work in the mining business, and managed to get a tour (cab ride included) back in the mid 1980s. Back then, they had a couple of modified C424s, ex-EL if I remember correctly.

I don't suppose they're still around, but do they still use diesels at all?

Date: 06/07/13 16:18
Re: Navajo Mines Railroad
Author: Fireman424

I was out there a couple years ago and they still had the alcos as cab cars only I believe they were ex-N&W.

Randy Allard

Date: 06/07/13 21:30
Re: Navajo Mines Railroad
Author: Guernseygirl

One 424 used at least as we saw it on the opposite end of the E60 dumping. SD45X and highgreengraphics posted some shots last year. Couple parts electrics and a couple SW1500 as well were noted. Not very friendly.

Posted from Android

Date: 06/07/13 22:52
Re: Navajo Mines Railroad
Author: FT

How about stepping back to this operation prior to electrification. This is how it was done with real ALCo power. The device on top of the Century is an air cleaning system.
The coal dust did bad things to an unprotected diesel. This was March of '76.

Keith A

Date: 06/08/13 03:26
Re: Navajo Mines Railroad
Author: dan

thought they were electric...from the start

Date: 06/08/13 12:35
a few years earlier
Author: frntinplate

This is how the Alcos looked before the roof additions. Taken August 1974, scanned from some old Ektachromes, bad grain and color.

Date: 06/09/13 18:08
Re: a few years earlier
Author: GPutz

I took these in Denver, CO, 10/5/73. Gerry

Date: 06/18/13 07:26
Re: a few years earlier
Author: Lackawanna484

The proposed sale of the facility from BHP to the Navajo Nation has hit a snag. The complex deal would transfer the mine from BHP to the nation, and change the ownership of the plants on the site to a different % for several of the current owners.

The Nation is seeking to avoid the closing of their mines, and their revenue stream from the plants. BHP is seeking to exit lower or no profit coal mines, and the owners of the power plants are seeking to maximize returns.


(Once the Nation takes control, I wonder if they would be interested in sponsoring escorted photo tours of the facility? Done a few times a year, it could be a money maker for them.)

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