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Date: 09/25/13 07:39
US&S spring plates
Author: Southern3205

I've already posted in the classifieds as well. I'm in need of a spring plate for a US&S DT-10 time element relay. Also, (if they exist) I need one for a DX-13 interlocking relay as well. Here's a picture of what I need them for. The DT-10 is centered on the upper shelf and the DX-13 is to the left on the lower shelf. The ultimate goal is to have all relays somewhat shock isolated.

Date: 09/25/13 17:23
Re: US&S spring plates
Author: Kimball

Until you finish welding that thing up, (note the tack-welds) your relays are likely to be shock absorbers if it falls apart... Just sayin...

Date: 09/25/13 18:25
Re: US&S spring plates
Author: Southern3205

It has been finish welded, I just had everything sitting in place to make sure it would all fit the way I was wanting. I'm currently traveling for a contractor and was wanting to get as much done as I could before I had to leave. Time, money, and other projects permitting, I hope to have everything done early to mid next year.

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