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Date: 06/17/17 00:45
Author: rantoul


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Date: 06/17/17 06:33
Re: BNSF Omaha NE shut down
Author: Copy19

They cancelled the opening ceremonies last night for the College World Series but shot off the fireworks after the storm passed. I imagine sitting in the 844 would have been as safe a place to shelter as anywhere. This morning thousands still are without power. Trees down all over town including my back yard. Straight line winds 80-120 mph reported. One of the worst storms I've seen.


Date: 06/17/17 07:30
Re: BNSF Omaha NE shut down
Author: Bob3985

John, you and the Mrs be safe and it is good to hear you survived the storm. Our weather has sort of settled out here in Cheyenne with the fronts forming east of us.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 06/17/17 09:20
Re: BNSF Omaha NE shut down
Author: Margaret_SP_fan

John --
I am very relieved you and your wife are OK!
That had to have been terrifying. I am glad
they canceled last night's ceremony at the
CWS -- it's just too dangerous to be out and
about in weather like that. You must have some
source of power or you would not have been able
to post on here -- that is a relief, if true.

Now that the really important news has been
told -- does anyone know if the 844 or her
train were damaged at all?

And here I thought she had escaped all the bad
weather -- left Cheyenne 2 days before that bad
storm arrived, but still ended up right in the
middle of another really bad storm. Yikes!

Bob --
Glad you are OK, too, after that bad storm
in Cheyenne. Whew!

I hope everyone manages to get all the help they
need to repair all the damage these storms have
done. My heart really goes out to all in those
areas. Those storms end up affecting everyone.

Remember -- in areas where there is flooding,
when out driving:


Date: 06/17/17 09:53
Re: BNSF Omaha NE shut down
Author: Copy19

The display track where 844 and passenger equipment is parked is right across the street from the entrance to the baseball stadium in an open area. With no big trees nearby there shouldn't have been much debris flying around to damage the train. It reminds me of a story Mr Kenefick told me years ago about how he and his wife took shelter in his business car parked in Council Bluffs during a tornado. He said the storm raged around them but they were fine. Over at the old headquarters building in Omaha we all huddled in interior hallways as the tornado passed just north of us then crossed the Missouri River into the Bluffs.


Date: 06/17/17 10:14
Re: BNSF Omaha NE shut down
Author: Margaret_SP_fan

Thanks, John. That's a great story about
Mr. Kenefick and his wife sheltering in a
business car during a tornado. wow.....

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Date: 06/17/17 11:50
Re: BNSF Omaha NE shut down
Author: Frisco1522

I was at the Museum of Transportation one time when it looked like a tornado was heading for it. I crawled into the firebox of ATSF 5011 and dared it to get me.

Date: 06/17/17 19:44
Re: BNSF Omaha NE shut down
Author: brc600

At its peak, there were 73,000 Nebraskans and 7000 Iowans without power. It is about only 25,000 without power as of 5pm-ish.

rantoul Wrote:
> Straight line winds 7pm CST Friday knocked out
> power and put trees across rail and into trains
> across BNSF Cresson, Sioux, and Omaha
> Subdivisions. Amtrak 5 west delayed at Pacific
> Junction, all freight stopped. Also shut down UP
> Falls City Subdivision. Amtrak 5 may be sent up
> BNSF Council Bluffs Sub to get on UP.
> Hulcher Grand Island NE called to go to Cedar
> Creek NE to access site. Loaded coal train.
> Posted from iPhone

Date: 06/18/17 06:44
Re: BNSF Omaha NE shut down
Author: MILW86A

Amtrak 5-17 met 6-15 at Ottumwa around 1830 Saturday night. Crew on 6 flipped back on 5 per report.


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Date: 06/18/17 07:55
Re: BNSF Omaha NE shut down
Author: dan

 why did #5 even get close to this area happened 5 hours before before 5 was going to be there,   could they have gone north  then west?

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Date: 06/18/17 19:20
Re: BNSF Omaha NE shut down
Author: dan

amtrak shys away from un signaled lines these days as best they can, i rode a 12 hour late SFZ that went to kc then omaha, i believe, so the KP detour would be  super late too,  storms hit at 7   I guess, more problems kept getting discovered, then getting busses lined up for missed  people, pilots.  I just wish they could go wait at stations, let people go into town not held hostage in the tin tube.

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