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Date: 02/04/18 18:14
Santa Clara Sunday
Author: jimB

Unusual action at Santa Clara on Super Bowl Sunday.

1. The power from Fridays Military special returned light as symbol EMKMI (Engines, McKay - Milpitas). It will pick up auto racks at Milpitas. It pulled North to CP Coast and then backed down the main to CP Stockton and used the Milpitas line instead of the Coast sub to get to Milpitas. May have wyed at CP Stockton.

2. Capitol #729 with a Charger meets the BNSF power waiting to occupy the main at CP Coast.

Jim B

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Date: 02/04/18 18:21
Re: Santa Clara Sunday
Author: jimB

Following the BNSF move was a very early Mission Bay Turn running on a Super Bowl schedule. This train normally runs in the evening out of South San Francisco but the crew wanted to watch the game.

3. The Mission Bay on track 2 racing a Caltrain commute at CP Coast on track 1. The mission bay will cross the UP Main and controlled siding to the right and into the yard.

4. The mission Bay setting cars into the Santa Clara work lead. I've never photographed this train during the day.

Jim B

Date: 02/04/18 18:26
Re: Santa Clara Sunday
Author: mojaveflyer

Wow, I've done some shooting at Santa Clara a few times but never had the activity you had in Photo #3... Nice stuff!

James Nelson
Thornton, CO

Date: 02/05/18 08:13
Re: Santa Clara Sunday
Author: jimB

>Were there some empty reefers on the end of the Mission Bay's train?

They were already in the work lead and the Mission Bay shoved them back while adding its cars to the work lead. The reefers were there Saturday.

Jim B

Date: 02/06/18 13:48
Re: Santa Clara Sunday
Author: ns1000

I also like Pic 3!!

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