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Date: 02/12/18 11:36
Victorville "Double"
Author: cinder

In May 2016, I was fortunate to catch this BNSF meet at "Frost" near Victorville, CA. The wind noise? It's ALWAYS windy in this location! The still picture was taken in 2010.

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Date: 02/12/18 12:50
Re: Victorville "Double"
Author: zchcsse

Very nice!

I read that BNSF plans to triple-track through here in the near future. If so, I would suspect that this unique spot would get completely re-worked in the process and become history.


Date: 02/12/18 13:09
Re: Victorville "Double"
Author: cinder

I believe that some highway work is also planned or underway that will mar this great view.

Date: 02/12/18 13:40
Re: Victorville "Double"
Author: MrMRL

See the Green Tree Blvd. Extension document below...


Recent article stating construction is anticipated to begin in mid 2019...


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Date: 02/13/18 00:59
Re: Victorville "Double"
Author: Chooch

Is the triple tracking a certain project or just something that is a pipe dream and if so, how far west would the triple track project go? If this would be a "go" then the possibility of a triple track system would be one from San Bernadino all the way to Victorville. That's quite a stretch.

Hatboro, PA

Date: 02/13/18 08:38
Re: Victorville "Double"
Author: ntharalson

MrMRL Wrote:
> See the Green Tree Blvd. Extension document
> below...
> http://www.victorvilleca.gov/uploadedFiles/CityDep
> artments/Engineering/Project_Alignment_Exhibit_-_h
> igh_resolution.pdf
> Recent article stating construction is anticipated
> to begin in mid 2019...
> http://www.vvdailypress.com/news/20171115/county-o
> ks-deal-to-acquire-land-for-green-tree-boulevard-e
> xtension
> Mr. MRL

Thanks for this, Robbie. It doesn't look like they've allowed for another track through
this area. Also, with the differing grades on each line, the engineering will get a little

Nick Tharalson,
Marion, IA

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