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Date: 04/11/18 08:44
Falls City (NE) Local
Author: twjurgens

One of my favorite rail historians, Pete Hedgpeth (CRI&P fan DEEluxe)wanted to know more about the UP (ex MoP) line between Union, NE and Louisville, NE. So the morning of March 21, railfan buddy and TO member Scotty, Pete and I rolled the dice and headed over to Union bright and early. The closer we got to Union, the less bright it was but it was still early. Scott and I, of course were hoping to see some trains but Pete was more interested in just following the route.

The local usually leaves Union between 8 and 9 depending upon how long it takes to assemble the train but track work caused the train to be delayed that day.

When we arrived at Union, the Falls City local was parked awaiting a crew near power for the Louisville turn (first pic). Power for the Falls City local was UP 8763, UPY 596, and UP 555. Crew for this train arrived around 9. While they were setting out cars for the Louisville job, 4373 and 4756 came through with a northbound mixed freight (next 2 pics).


Date: 04/11/18 08:47
Re: Falls City (NE) Local
Author: twjurgens

The Falls City local was then turned on the wye (next pic) and headed south to Falls City. The last 2 pics are south of Union.

Date: 04/11/18 19:56
Re: Falls City (NE) Local
Author: SCKP187

Great photo coverage Tom---and hard to imagine so much activity regularly goes on in the small confines of Union.
Brian Stevens

Date: 04/12/18 06:07
Re: Falls City (NE) Local
Author: oklachaser

Great catch & photos Tom.

Ronda Thomas

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