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Date: 08/09/18 22:32
Last gasp at MP 154
Author: santafe199

The shadows are long. And this crew has just embarked on trip that will return them home to North Platte. They won’t have look into that big orange sun very long. Official sunset is just minutes away. But ‘santafe199’ was there and with a last gasp of daylight forever froze them into a digital world of pixels.

At this writing the crew in UP 4108 is still rolling toward North Platte, albeit in complete darkness…

1. UP 4108 leads a stacker as seen from the 5th Rd crossing just west of Herkimer, KS. It’s 8:11 PM on August 9, 2018.

Thanks for looking!
Lance Garrels

Date: 08/09/18 22:55
Re: Last gasp at MP 154
Author: Margaret_SP_fan

Lance --
Your prose is absolutely superb!!  ".....forever froze them into a digital world of pixels" -- that is a wonderful use of the English language, sir.   I enjoyed your prose much more than your photo.  

Your posts are one of the best things about TO.   (Now you're gonna have a reeeally hard time makin' yer hats fit on yer head!  < G > )

Date: 08/10/18 07:09
Re: Last gasp at MP 154
Author: santafe199

Margaret_SP_fan Wrote: > ...  hard time makin' yer hats fit ...

Thank you Margaret, you're too kind! Don't forget I spent 32 years on the inside of that cab. So I've often thought the same thing about being frozen in time whenever I spotted some fan shooting my train. And now-a-days the only reason I wear a hat is to protect that shiny dome I've inherited. It won't tan any more when I'm out of doors. It will however, char-broil if I'm not careful...  ;^)


Date: 08/10/18 11:02
Re: Last gasp at MP 154
Author: bmarti7

Another great one Lance!


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