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Western Railroad Discussion > The other P+W derailment cleanup (part 6)

Date: 12/05/18 15:14
The other P+W derailment cleanup (part 6)
Author: HH

Fortunately the new derailment in Salem...

...wasn’t as serious as the one last month over Bowers Slough, between Albany and Corvallis.
  1. Just before sunrise, looking NW.  Most of the remaining lumber has been stacked.
  2. Still looking NW, but closer in.  All four of the derailed centerbeams are still on site.  Heavy frost and an icy north wind are probably making the remaining cleanup pretty miserable.
  3. Looking north.
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Date: 12/05/18 19:21
Re: The other P+W derailment cleanup (part 6)
Author: roustabout

For sale:  centerbeams, as is, where is....

Date: 12/05/18 20:21
Re: The other P+W derailment cleanup (part 6)
Author: HH

Here's the (very late) P+W Westsider making a frosty one-car setout at Corvallis Jct. taken about 30 minutes after the photos above.
Those sure look like pieces of freight car trucks in that SSTX gon headed for Mac!
At least two orange Rick Franklin gons were a couple cars behind this one...not sure what was in them.

Just wondering...what's a truckless centerbeam weigh?


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