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Date: 12/05/18 18:33
CSXT & NS Western Wisconsin
Author: Quakerengr

Thanks to morning tip from RRartist, see his post below, Old man winter,  regards CSXT 4073 in our area, on train CP 687  I met Jim at Hesselberg Road in Bangor, Wis where they met Amtrak 8 Empire Builder.  

1st image is  of the meet, as Jim shared #8 on approach.  I bade farewell and headed abt 2 miles west ..
2nd and third images are in downtown  Bangor, Wis.

More to come....

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Date: 12/05/18 18:42
Re: NS & CSXT Western Wisconsin
Author: Quakerengr

I stayed in Wisconsin,  RRartist elected to cross the border into Minnesota wherein he came across CP train 280 with NS 7228 one of the SD 80 MAC's.
The Western Wisconsin tip line was active again by James and I headed out door to west side of Bangor, Wi.

4th image is CP train 280 coming across  Hwy 162.
5th image is arriving in town at what I call the red  shed.

A look at ATCS  and the dispatcher had a wwd frt he was prioritizing over this 280  and train 198 that was running ahead of 280, by routing these two onto main track one at Sparta, Wi.  This allowed me the opportunity to continue east and get ahead of 280.

6th image is 280's train at the Sparta control point.


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Date: 12/05/18 18:52
Re: NS & CSXT Western Wisconsin
Author: Quakerengr

I rolled into Tunnel City, Wis.  Next up is CP's "Hot" 198 train  of containers.  Almost always 1x1   and often 10,000 to 12,000 feet long.  
Image 7 CP 9588  is grinding upgrade thru the tunnel around 7 mph, snails pace. This is the apex  where all water west of Tunnel City flows to the 
Mississippi River and water east flows towards the Wisconsin River.  Track to right is UP's Winona Sub (former C&NW)  from Wyeville...

Images 8 and 9 are 280 Tunnel City,

Once again Thanks RRartist for the tips,  stay warm everyone,


Date: 12/05/18 19:24
Re: NS & CSXT Western Wisconsin
Author: SP8595

Nice catches and shots!

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