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Date: 12/07/18 02:35
Reworking some weird fog
Author: santafe199

Imagine this scenario: Red & Silver diesel power sits in night time repose in front of the Santa Fe passenger station in Newton, Kansas. Sound familiar? It does if you’re of a certain age. And it’s a scene that only occurred untold thousands of times during the long & glorious history of Santa Fe’s proud passenger colors. But no, it’s not 1953. It’s 6 full decades into the future in the year 2013. And things have changed just a bit! Amtrak has been operating passenger trains in these here parts for over 4 decades now. The once bee-hive busy passenger station, which once upon a time serviced over 2 dozen scheduled passenger trains every 24 hours is but a ghost of its former self, merely hosting 2 daily trains. And the Red & Silver is faded dressing for an inert diesel well into the down-slope of its existence. The Warbonnet passenger livery it wears is but a throwback to earlier Santa Fe glory. It was brought back the late 1980s by (then) Santa Fe president Mike Haverty.

About 1 AM on January 28, 2013 I was en route to meet with long time friend & fellow TO member Bob Helling (‘PRose’ then, ‘GTbend’, now) in Newton, KS. During the drive I ran into a weird heavy fog that just followed me right on into town. Bob & I were in Newton to greet TO member Bob Finan (ATSF100West) who was arriving on Amtrak #4. Two days later PRose would be working the final day of his 40+ year career with Union Pacific up in Salina, KS. Along with a small party of family and other friends ATSF100West and I would be on hand to participate in the observance of this milestone event.

Between 1:30 & nearly 3:00 AM on that January morning I captured some very interesting tripod-assisted, available light, time exposure images. The fog was as weirdly colored as it was thick. It had a heavy surreal red-orange quality to it I had never seen before. I must have shot 20-30 images of a substantial group of stored BNSF engines. I selected a trio and after some photo-editing got them posted for ‘Toto Tuesday’ on the Western forum. Here is a link: ( https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?1,2980600,2980600#msg-2980600 ). Six years later I have a wee bit more experience with Photoshop, so I thought I’d take a somewhat different approach with another one of the images. I diluted that red-orange into something more yellowish, while trying to enhance the Red nose of BNSF 637. For composition considerations I removed some of the utility poles and darkened the ground which refused to give up it’s red-orange color tinged with a slight nuke-green cast from the ambient light. I kinda like the result, so here it is…

1. Red & Silver BNSF 637 in storage in Newton, KS in the wee hours of January 28, 2013.

Thanks for looking back again!
Lance Garrels

Date: 12/07/18 05:03
Re: Reworking some weird fog
Author: GTbend

Great Shot.   remember this morning.  3 and 4 were both OT.  They met at the west end of the yard at Newton.  ATSF100West was on No. 4 that morning.  It was a warrm (for January) balmy foggy morning.  We got three inches of snow a couple days later.  Welcome to Kansas.

Bob Helling
GTbend (New Name)

Date: 12/07/18 06:02
Re: Reworking some weird fog
Author: texchief1

Nice shot, Lance!

Randy Lundgren
Elgin, TX

Date: 12/07/18 06:33
Re: Reworking some weird fog
Author: Bob3985

Great photo my friend

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 12/07/18 07:44
Re: Reworking some weird fog
Author: NSTopHat

Oh, SNAP! That's fantastic!


Date: 12/07/18 10:02
Re: Reworking some weird fog
Author: Ritzville

You did well on that shot Lance!


Date: 12/07/18 18:56
Re: Reworking some weird fog
Author: trainman

Wow ! That is all kinds of
cool !

Posted from Android

Date: 12/07/18 19:40
Re: Reworking some weird fog
Author: grandroad

Lance, super work! Thanks for sharing.

Paul Brennecke
Golden, CO

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