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Date: 03/13/19 15:14
WP PFE 55069 moves - part 2
Author: zephyrus

Continuing the story of moving day for Western Pacific PFE wood reefer 55069.

Part 1 can be seen here: https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?1,4740066,4740171#msg-4740171

Alex Ramos' photos of the car before it moved can be found here: https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?1,4735068,4735068#msg-4735068

Information and Go Fund Me here: https://www.gofundme.com/save-wp-pfe-reefer-55069
We have almost reached the goal of paying off the trucking fees!  We are about $1,500 short.  We have raised enough to pay the housemovers!  Please help us complete this fundraising goal.

On February 23, 2019, Western Pacific PFE wood reefer 55069 moved from its 39 year home in San Jose to the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds where it will undergo restoration.  After a hectic week where several trucking firms bailed on the project, Taylor Heavy Haul of Roseville came in and saved the day.  Along with the skilled team of housemovers From Kelley Brothers, WP 55069 was prepped, lifted and trucked across town.

At the part 1 link above, you can see photos of the placement onto the truck and pull out from the tight space alongside the house where the car had acted as a storage building.

Here are photos from the rest of the day, showing the car being backed down Topeka Street and unloaded at the restoration site.

9-11 - We had quite a crowd watching.  The whole loading and tiedown process took around 3 hours.  The trucker had to pull forward from the driveway and turn right, then back down the residential street to get clear of the neighborhood.  One guy rode the roof of the car to clear wires out of the way. - photos by Eugene Vicknair

Date: 03/13/19 15:17
Re: WP PFE 55069 moves - part 2
Author: zephyrus

12 - Good view of the truck backing down the small street.  They had to back down about a 1/4 mile then make a quick double turn to reach the main road.

13 - Arrival at the Fairgrounds!  CTRC, Taylor Heavy Haul and housemoving crew all watch as the car rolls in.  The California Trolley and Railroad Corp is providing the restoration space to the FRRS.  The CTRC volunteers were impressed with the condition of 55069.

14 - Surrounded by SP equipment, including under restoration 4-6-2 2479.  Work was occurring on the steamer as 55069 was being unloaded.

Date: 03/13/19 15:20
Re: WP PFE 55069 moves - part 2
Author: zephyrus

15 - The housemoving crew swings into action.  They would have the 55069 off the trailer in about 1 hour.

16 - Bracing the carbody up.  While they found the body to be solid and had no concerns with its strutural integrity, they were careful to fully support and brace the car to prevent any damage occurring.  Yes it costs money, but hiring professionals pays off.

17 - Working the hydraulic jacks to lift off the trailer.

Date: 03/13/19 15:24
Re: WP PFE 55069 moves - part 2
Author: zephyrus

18 - Ricardo of Taylor Heavy Haul pulls forward.

19 - The trailer is nearly clear of the 55069.

20 - Now off the trailer, the housemovers work to brace the body and lower it onto railroad ties.  They would complete the bracing and set up on Monday.

After 3 months of planning, discussion and work this 95 year old railcar was saved from demolition.  We still need to finish paying off the moving costs, but we are very close, about $1,500.  Then starts the fundraising for restoration work.

If you would like to help with work sessions on the 55069, please PM me.  We will be documenting and surveying the car and hope to begin actual restoration work in by mid May.



Date: 03/13/19 16:05
Re: WP PFE 55069 moves - part 2
Author: 2720

Congratulations to the FRRS for acquiring and transporting this car!

Over the last few years, I've been involved with the acquisition of San Diego's oldest exisitng streetcar,
SDERy #54. We had to extricate it from one of the museum's in Balboa Park! It was moved in while the
building was still underconstruction, while we had to remove 3 sets of double doors and manuever it
inside the building, to get it out. The it was raised on jacks and the trailer rolled underneath! Transported
through downtown San Diego to replicate the route it originally ran on in San Diego!

Just last year, I set up a move of one of the San Diego Trolley's original Siemans-Duwag U2s from their
yard to the Historic 1882 California Southern Depot in National City, CA. Both these cars are on display
at the home of the San Diego Electric Railway Association, Inc.!

Back in the 90s, while working on a jobsite down near the Mexican Border, west of I-5 in the Tijuana River
Valley, there were 4 ex San Diego & Arizona Railway reefers of similar vintage of the WP car shown in the photos
and I notified the local RR Museum about them, but couldn't get any interest in them and watched them be
turned into kindling!


Date: 03/13/19 19:02
Re: WP PFE 55069 moves - part 2
Author: wattslocal

Congratulations on your succcessful and safe move! ! !   All it takes is lots of work and mucho money

Please keep us up to date on your operations and restoration.

Also please send some photos of all your other equipment.

Watts local

Date: 03/15/19 05:22
Re: WP PFE 55069 moves - part 2
Author: ns1000

Interesting pics!!  Thanks for sharing.

Date: 03/15/19 05:39
Re: WP PFE 55069 moves - part 2
Author: Jbarton

Congratulations on this save.  Thanks for sharing the photos.

Jim Barton

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