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Date: 05/12/19 15:35
Clickity Clack
Author: KB5WK

Love the sound of stick rail. 

KCS 4190 west leads an empty TXU Martin Lake coal empty through Plano Texas on a rainy Saturday. 05/11/2019.

They have been detouring these coal trains in my area due to the flooding an Iowa to ease the congrestion. They usally go through Kansas City.

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Date: 05/12/19 15:40
Clickity Clack
Author: KB5WK

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Date: 05/12/19 17:06
Re: Clickity Clack
Author: czephyr17

Excellent, I love that sound of rail joints too.  Thanks for posting.

Date: 05/13/19 09:31
Re: Clickity Clack
Author: The-late-EMD

I wish I could live in that house in the background

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Date: 05/15/19 09:00
Re: Clickity Clack
Author: Westbound

Nice to hear that rare sound again. Brings back the memory of being trackside with long trains of 40 foot cars rolling over rail with joints ever 39 feet or so. Now that was loud!

Date: 05/20/19 17:59
Re: Clickity Clack
Author: PRSL-recall

Is anyone aware of any good videos anywhere, either for purchase or on youtube etc. that feature fast jointed-rail train running from inside an open window passenger coach? We used to experience that all the time but almost impossible now because most open-window coaches today are part of an excursion operation with slow-running trains or else on welded rail. One of the few extremely short pieces I've found on youtube is a posting by fmnut on the Reading RR's Main line trains. Almost at the very end there's about 11 seconds of an excellent example. Specifically at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7t16jz4qtM from 23:03 to 23:14.

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