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Date: 05/12/19 19:18
BART diesel identification help needed
Author: EastKSRailfan

A KC friend saw something today in this area and wants some ID help. He asks "if anyone knows the model number for BART Maintenance and Engineering NRVE 5006-5008, at Hayward, CA. And what NRVE means... I'm trying to find a model number for a particular diesel loco I saw being transported out to BART in San Francisco. It was loaded on a flat car going through KC on BNSF from RELCO in Albia, IA, to the BART facility in Hayward, CA, and will be used in their TransBay Tunnel upgrade project."

Thank you.

Carl Graves, Lawrence, KS

Date: 05/13/19 01:12
Re: BART diesel identification help needed
Author: Evan_Werkema

A photo of NVRE 5006 is about halfway down this page:


The news item says the three new BART locomotives are indeed built by Relco, but not surprisingly doesn't give a model number.  A photo of NVRE 5007 in-transit is here:


Looks like there might be a builder's plate up by the F on the frame is anyone can get close enough to read it.  Relco's own site touts their "XD locomotive," and the description suggests each order is built to customer specifications rather than a one-size-fits-all "model."


Just to round out the threesome, a photo of NVRE 5008 at Relco appeared in this old thread:


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