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Western Railroad Discussion > H/U Spokane... export engine

Date: 05/13/19 15:49
H/U Spokane... export engine
Author: Pacific5th

There is or was a few hours ago a export engine on a flat car sitting at the west end of Yardley. Looked like a narrow gauge unit. It will probably go west on the SPOPAS.

Date: 05/13/19 16:55
Re: H/U Spokane... export engine
Author: SD45X

It’s going to Tacoma

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Date: 05/27/19 07:12
Re: H/U Spokane... export engine
Author: jmt

Photos are circulating of at least 3 Indonesian PTK (PT Kereta Api) Cape gauge (3’6”) wrecked GT38AC heading to PR Tacoma for rebuild

CC 20521, CC 20532 and CC 205 13 26

Indonesians are currently desperate for coal haul units. China is currently blocking Australian coal imports, and covering the shortfall with Indonesian (higher ash/lower calorific value) imports.

For an explanation of the numbering https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EMD_GT38ACe


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