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Date: 06/09/19 14:56
Last Thursday on the Way Home
Author: twjurgens

The perch I chose to get shots of UP 1111 backing to the display site made for some interesting photos.  An elevated location seems to give a better view of the surroundings and, for modelers, offers a good look at roof detail.
For reasons unknown to me, the switch job in the first photo had been held for nearly two hours before it could complete its journey to the elevator and small yard.  The 1111 move was behind this job so it was a long wait!  Anyway, UP 1069 and 1046 were finally on their way around 2 that afternoon. 
On the way home, I followed the BNSF’s Omaha sub division part of the way but saw no trains until arriving at Ashland.  Quite a bit of traffic there! 
On the way through, there was a westbound stack train coming off the Sioux City line.  Photo locations there are limited so I went to the public road crossing west of there to get the next two shots.  Although I can’t say for certain, the containers on those flats probably contain grain loaded at Fremont.  The containers can be lifted off the flats and placed directly into the cargo holds of freighters for shipment overseas.  Anyway, power was BNSF 8012 and 5669 with 6668 as dpu.


Date: 06/09/19 14:57
Re: Last Thursday on the Way Home
Author: twjurgens

In the next shot, 5860 and 9977 had a coal load headed east.
The next shot is of 3801 with an FRA car.  The UP had brought that car to Lincoln last Wednesday over the Valley to Lincoln line and handed it off to BNSF.
The final shot is of 8779 and 6317 headed west with a coal empty.
By then, light was getting iffy and there had been a couple of phone calls from home indicating that it would be advisable to end the day!
UP will have a display at the College World Series this weekend and it’ll be interesting to see what they display this year.  That will be worth another trip!

Date: 06/10/19 06:43
Re: Last Thursday on the Way Home
Author: SP8595

Really like that first shot and nice catch on the FRA car.

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