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Date: 06/09/19 16:24
Caltrains on Oregon
Author: bluesman

I ws going by the UP yard at La Grande, OR on Sunday the 9th of June and found this Caltrain unit DIC. The train was picking up 11 cars of wood products headed east. Is this and perhaps other units headed to Boise Loco for some wrok? Thia may be at lest the second one to come by.  Do any Californians know what this unit's next move is?

Date: 06/09/19 17:01
Re: Caltrains on Oregon
Author: ble692

JPBX 922 is heading for overhaul at MotivePower, Inc. in Boise, ID. But it sure is taking the scenic route on the UP. Maybe they are charging by the mile...

Date: 06/09/19 17:12
Re: Caltrains in Oregon
Author: TCnR

From a few days ago:

Date: 06/06/19 17:38
JPBX 922 @ Seattle, Wa; 06/05/2019


Date: 06/09/19 19:13
Re: Caltrains in Oregon
Author: KEL27

This is the third of three to head to Boise. IIRC, one has already gone back to San Jose (920). Not sure if 921 is still in Boise, but it may have headed east to North Platte for the move back to CA (don't ask, that's just what someone said but it is plausible the way UP routes stuff).

Date: 06/09/19 19:34
Re: Caltrains in Oregon
Author: kilroydiver

Man, that unit sure went a little too far North of the San Francisco terminal! 😂


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