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Date: 07/05/19 12:38
Mandan 4th of July
Author: bmarti7

The first 4th of July, after we moved to Bismarck, we saw our neighbors on either side setting-up their west-facing decks with drinks, snacks and anti-mosquito pots. When asked "what's up?", they told us about the Mandan fireworks "like nothing else you've ever seen". Fireworks of all kinds are banned in Bismarck except for the State House display in conjunction with a concert. Not so in Mandan and its citizens go all-out, burning-up $$$$$$$$$ to celebrate the birth of the United States. Even with our home being miles away, the constant explosions, until the wee hours of the 5th, cause the cats to hide and the dogs to bark. This year I decided to venture into the middle of it and perhaps catch a train. Photo is of the BNSF 4952 west arriving at the Mandan Terminal with coal empties. The video is from the dash cam cruising through just one of the Mandan neighborhoods. Keep in mind these are not commercial or government-sponsored displays. Happy belated 4th!


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Date: 07/05/19 12:48
Re: Mandan 4th of July
Author: Quakerengr

Very cool.  Thanks for sharing..


Date: 07/05/19 13:24
Re: Mandan 4th of July
Author: Ritzville

Quakerengr Wrote:
> Very cool.  Thanks for sharing..
> Pat

I second that!


Date: 07/05/19 15:30
Re: Mandan 4th of July
Author: bbethmann

That would make folks here in Spokane very nervous. Great shot capturing a bit spirit as a backdrop to the train.

BB in Spokane

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Date: 07/06/19 17:34
Re: Mandan 4th of July
Author: misty1

Bill you always get the good shots.


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